My Seqr Shop

Sell anything to anyone, everywhere

Create ads free of charge or get paid with our mobile cash register. The ad can be printed or shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Essentially we let every Seqr user become a seller of goods, not only a purchaser.

Seqr handles the money transfer and guarantees the money back to the buyer.

Create ads with My Seqr Shop Everywhere


Create an ad with a description about the product, location, a photo and price. An ad which includes a QR code is created instantly and can be shared on social media or sent by email. When someone wants to buy your product, you will receive an email with contact info, which you have to approve within 24 hours. That’s when the money is transferred.


Scan the QR code of the product you want to buy. Choose “Buy” and then the seller must confirm the purchase within 24 hours. Or choose “Contact me” if you want to send your details, so you can discuss the product with the Seller before you make up your mind. The money will be transferred when the trade is approved by the seller.

Mobile cash register with Sell on the Spot


Improve your business by having a free mobile cash register. Sell your goods wherever you are. You only need to show your QR code to the buyer: have it printed out or show it on your screen.


All you need to do is scan the QR code and confirm the purchase with your PIN code. Done!

Start using SEQR and My Seqr Shop

My Seqr Shop is available for Android, iOS and Windows 8 or 10 operating system. You will find the service in the Seqr app under the ‘Services’ tab.