SEQR enters Germany


After last week’s launch in the Netherlands, the Swedish company Seamless’ (OMX: SEAM) and their mobile payment service SEQR is ready for the next country. SEQR, Europe’s leading mobile payment service, is already available in six markets: the Swedish, Finnish, Romanian, Belgian, Portuguese and the Dutch. To these are Germany, Europe’s biggest economy with 81 million inhabitants, now added.

The mobile service SEQR works both in stores and online, but also by the service SEQR Shop Spot, which basically turns everything to a possible sales channel, by scanning a QR code from any surface. This can be done through an ad, digital banner, a physical product or a TV commercial.

To enter the German market is an important step for us. SEQR Shop Spot has enabled us to accelerate the rollout of the service and offer more consumers the smartest mobile payment service on the market. This makes us independent of the big chains integration speed to install SEQR physically. SEQR Shop Spot is a unique service that has all the potential to revolutionize trade. It goes beyond the two traditional sales channels – physical stores and online – and instead make everything into a potential sales channel, says Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless.

The technology behind SEQR enables merchants to lower the interchange fees significantly

compared to those charged by traditional card companies. Also for consumers, it is cheaper to use mobile payment. SEQR refunds up to 3 percent cashback on all purchases made with the service. With SEQR, consumers can also transfer money between each other without any additional cost.

SEQR works in Germany from today and consumers can from the start buy products from several well-known brands through SEQR Shop Spot. The roll out in Germany will continue indefinitely by connecting more and more physical stores and online retailers to SEQR.