JYSK customers in Finland will be able to shop with their smartphones – SEQR to be available in all JYSK stores in the country


Nasdaq OMX-noted Seamless with its digital payment solution SEQR has extended its co-operation with JYSK, making it possible to shop with SEQR in the 69 JYSK stores in Finland. The 134 Swedish JYSK stores have offered SEQR payments since September 2015. SEQR is estimated to become available for the Finnish JYSK customers as of February 2016.

”Given the success of the SEQR roll-out in our Swedish stores, this is a natural step for us to take and we are very happy to introduce the benefits of SEQR to our customers here in Finland”, says Laura Kiianlinna-Tunkelo, CEO of JYSK Finland.

The SEQR digital payment solution is simple and user friendly. Customers connect their bank account to the SEQR app and after scanning a QR code at checkout, payment is completed within a few taps of their phone. The transaction is completely safe for the customer as no sensitive data is stored in or transferred from their mobile phone.

“We are very pleased to be able to welcome JYSK customers in Finland to shop with their smartphones using SEQR. Expanding our relationship with JYSK internationally shows SEQR is the perfect digital payments solution for multi-national retailers. With SEQR we are providing a safe, convenient and financially rewarding way of shopping to the benefit of both consumers and merchants” says Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless.

SEQR offers customers many benefits in addition to the convenience of paying with their mobile phone including the most generous rewards program on the market with up to 3 percent cashback on all purchases.

SEQR customers can also transfer money to each other, sell goods by creating digital ads in MyShop and sharing them on social media, save their receipts digitally, connect loyalty programs, pay for parking, and receive digital coupons and offers.

JYSK has 2 300 stores in 41 countries and a yearly turnover of 2.9 billlion EUR. In Finland, JYSK’s turnover was 98.1 million euros in 2014.

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