Instant Checkout

E-commerce instant checkouts with Seqr – minimal steps for the customer

Let your customers checkout instantly. The delivery address is already in our system and the payment is taken care of in app, ready to receive the product without going through all the steps required for a standard checkout. We call it Instant checkout.

All the customer have to do is to scan a QR code displayed with the product or click a link, confirm with a PIN code in the Seqr app and it’s done – the product is sent to directly to the customer. It works just as simple if you add more products to the shopping cart.

Instant Checkout

Customer experience

  1. Browse the products
  2. Add the product to the shopping cart
  3. At the checkout, choose Seqr Instant Checkout – confirm your address with your PIN code. Done!

At the webshop

  1. Seqr sends a confirmation of the purchase together with the user data to the online shop
  2. The online store sends a confirmation to the customer about the order, just like at a normal purchase.

For technical info – please have a look at


Want to try it out? Buy a product at one of Swedens largest fashion outlets


Seqr is free to download and are available for all devices.