Shop on the Spot

The new way to shop


The future of shopping is here

You don’t have to run into stores or spend valuable time searching on the internet. All you have to do is complete two simple steps: scan & pin – then your goods are delivered. With Shop on the Spot you can easily order a pair of jeans, a camera or a bucket of paint – basically anything, anywhere. You can use a QR code to buy products straight from a page in the morning newspaper, from TV during a commercial break or from a billboard at a bus stop.

As a SEQR customer you can shop faster and smarter. Scanning the QR code will not only take you straight to the product but will also save you the time of registering on yet another website. You only need to have the SQER app. As a business partner you can increase sales by using this simple, new system to let people buy on the spot and turn your advertising costs directly into a revenue stream.



So you’re waiting for the bus and you see an ad. Instead of going to Löfbergs’ website or heading in to town like you usually would, all you have to do is open the SEQR app on your phone and scan the QR code.



You don’t need to spend any time entering your name and address details as SEQR already has it saved. Just approved the purchase with your secure PIN code.



You’ll get a receipt directly in the SEQR app as soon as you have approved your purchase. Your product will be packed and sent straight to your door.

That’s how easy it is to Shop on the Spot.


Seqr is free to download and are available for all devices.