Tap and pay

Contactless payments with your mobile

Tap and pay

A new way to pay

Tap and pay is contactless payments with Seqr. It means you can pay just by tapping your phone against the terminal and no pin code is needed if your purchase is below 20 Euros. This new way of paying is spreading across the world really fast and you can already use tap and pay in plenty of stores, cafés and other places you find in your everyday life.

Get started

Ensure you have the latest version of Seqr by updating it in Google Play Store. Activate tap and pay in the menu and you are good to go. Most Android phones will work (version 4.4 with NFC, HCE). iPhone is not currently supported.

Where to tap and pay

There are about 30 million contactless terminals today and thousands of businesses are upgrading every day. The coverage may vary between different countries but they are all heading the same direction – contactless. You can tap and pay with Seqr at any contactless terminal anywhere in the world and we charge no fee for using it.


Seqr is free to download and are available for all devices.