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1. About SEQR

Who provides SEQR in the US?

In the US SEQR is provided by SEQR Payments, Inc., a Utah corporation within the Sweden based Seamless Group ( You find contact information for SEQR Payments, Inc. here

What about Seamless, the company behind SEQR?

Founded in 2001 and active in 30 countries, Seamless handles more than 3, 1 billion transactions annually through 525 000 active sales outlets. 5 200 merchants have chosen SEQR including Sweden’s largest grocery chains, fast food chains and national retailer chains including McDonald’s, Hemköp and Ur&Penn. SEQR is available today in, Sweden, Romania, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK and the USA. In 2013, SEQR won the Mobile Money Global Award for Best Mobile Money Deployment in Europe. Seamless is traded on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, under the SEAM ticker.

What is SEQR?

SEQR enables you to use your smartphone as a safe and quick way to pay. You download the SEQR app to your smartphone and register your payment account. You pay by scanning a QR code in one of the connected stores and type your PIN code to approve the purchase. All your purchases are debited your ACH bank account.

Can you show me what SEQR is?

Sure! Have a look at our youtube video.

Who can use SEQR?

Anyone over 18 with a valid ACH bank account can sign up to use SEQR

How do I pay?

You scan a QR code placed at the checkout using the SEQR app on your smartphone. The QR code is either scanned with the built-in camera in the SEQR app, or if your smartphone has NFC support, holding the phone near the QR code. The QR code identifies the merchant location and checkout lane you are standing in, and the merchant through the SEQR provides the transaction details for your approval. You approve the amount with your secure PIN. The transaction completes securely without the transmission of your personal or payment information to the merchant terminal.

What can I do with SEQR other than pay?

In addition to paying for your retail purchases in store and online, you can also send money to your friends, and benefit from the exclusive SEQR offers.

How much does it cost to use SEQR?

Using SEQR is absolutely free

How is SEQR different from other mobile payment solutions?

SEQR is a unique and more secure payment solution, leveraging in cloud transaction agreement removing the transmission of consumer data through the POS.  The patented technology is based on the SEQR transaction switch, which is not built on the credit card systems which have failed to protect consumers.  Additionally, SEQR provides value added support for both loyalty programs, and discounts, in addition to supporting peer to peer money transfer.

Who is behind SEQR?

SEQR was developed by the Swedish company Seamless and is publicly traded (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm). Seamless is one of the world’s largest providers of payment systems for mobile phones. Seamless was founded in 2001 and operates in 30 countries. Seamless annually processes more than 3.1 billion transactions through 525,000 active outlets.

2. Getting started

What does my phone need to be able to use SEQR?

In order to be able to use SEQR, your phone needs the following:

  • Camera with autofocus
  • Touchscreen
  • Data network
  • Android or iOS operating system
What is a receivers account?

A receivers account is the bank account (your ACH bank account) where SEQR should deposit the money your friends send you

What PIN code should I enter?

The PIN code you are asked to enter when registering is a PIN code specific for SEQR. You will need this PIN code to approve your transactions, so make sure to pick one you will remember!

What format should I enter my date of birth in the app?

2 digit month SLASH 2 digit day SLASH 4 digit year

I can’t find SEQR in the app store?

Assure that you have the right settings on your device. If you have regional settings other than North America you might not be able to download the app.

How do I know my SEQR account is active?

After completing the registration process and verifying your identity through scan of your DL, ID, or passport you sill see your account with an available balance.  If you do not see an available balance your identity could not be confirmed.  This can happen if the scan of your ID encounered a glare or distortion.  To resolve, you should re-scan your ID within the SEQR app.

You can easily complete by following these steps:

  • Open the SEQR app and click ACH Direct Debit Account
  • Next click on the (i) to the right of your ACH Direct Debit Account
  • Next Click the ‘Verify your identity’ button. (If this button is not visible, you have already completed the verification)
  • You can authenticate your identity card, driving license or travel passport. Select your preference.
  • Take a picture of both the front and the rear. The camera automatically opens when clicking on ‘Front’ or ‘Back’.  Upon completing the scan make sure that the picture is sharp and easy to read.
I didn’t receive any activation code by SMS?

Make sure that your mobile number  is entered correctly, starting with the (+) and country code, followed by your 9 digit phone number. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.

Do I have to deposit money before I can pay with SEQR?

No, that’s not necessary. When you have completed the registration of the SEQR app successfully, you automatically get a spending limit of $100.  No funds will be deducted from your account until you have completed a transaction.

Where do I find your terms of service?

The terms of service for SEQR are available at  Our privacy policy is available at

3. SEQR Accounts

What is ACH Direct Debit?

ACH, Automated Clearing House, is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. We adapted our payment method SEQR to ACH so that your bank account can be connected to SEQR.

When is my account debited?

Each time you confirm a payment with your PIN in the SEQR App you are authorizing us to debit the approved amount from your bank account. We will issue the debit request through the ACH network to collect the money. Your banking statement will show the Merchant through which the approved amount was paid through SEQR.

How much can I buy using SEQR?

Each time you make a transaction with SEQR we deduct the amount from the spending limit.   The spending limit will increase as transactions are paid through your bank account and decrease as new transaction occur.  You can always see the current limit easily in the payment view in the SEQR app.

What happens if there is no money in the bank account?

If you buy something with SEQR and we can not collect the money via ACH Direct Debit, due to insufficient funds, your SEQR account will be blocked. We will attempt to collect a second time.  If we are able to settle the block on your account will be removed.  If we are unable to settle, SEQR will contact you to arrange for a manual payment and fees will be incurred.  Your SEQR account will be reactivated as soon as we receive the full payment.

Can I adjust my spending limit?

Your spending limit is a maximum of  $100. When you make a purchase with SEQR, the purchase price of this limit will be deducted. Once SEQR has collected the money from this purchase, your credit limit will again be increased by the same amount.

How does ACH direct debit work?

By filling in your electronically mandate, you authorize SEQR / Seamless Remittance to debit your bank account every time you make a purchase.

Can I use several bank accounts?

No, at the moment you can only use 1 bank account as your payment account.

What is the maximum amount I can pay with SEQR?

Currently the maximum spending limit is $100 per collection period. Once the money have been collected the spending limit will be reset. You can find the current spending limit in the app.

Where can I find my expenses summary?

In the app, under the receipts tab.

Can I change my debit bank account?

To use SEQR with another bank account, you need to de-register and register again.

Can I connect my credit card to SEQR?

No, it is not possible

4. Security

Is SEQR a safe service?

All communication is secured via an encrypted connection to the transaction system, and your approval with your personal PIN code whenever making a payment. The downloaded app with a registered account is tied to the specific mobile phone, for example it can’t be cloned and used on another phone.

What if I forget my PIN code?

For security reasons, if you lose your PIN code, you can’t get a new one. You will have to deregister and register again.

My SEQR-account has been blocked, how do I activate it again?

If you account has been blocked, you can not unblock it yourself, so if this problem should occur, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

My mobile phone is stolen, what do I do?

You lost your phone? Don’t worry. Without access to your PIN code it is impossible for someone else to use your SEQR account. But it is still important that you block your account. Contact SEQR Customer Service and state your credentials and that you wish to block your account, and we’ll help you.

Why do I need to send a copy of my ID?

This is to verify your identity. This technology is used to increase security and to minimize the risk of accounts being created with incorrect credentials. It is highly important for us to offer our users a high level of security.  Normally it takes approximately 3-5 minutes for the identification to be processed. Your account can not be used for purchases until your ID has been verified.

SEQR has been approved by the Swedish Data Inspection Board, what does this mean?

In Europe SEQR is provided by a Swedish company which is a licensed money transmitter under European money transmitter regulations. On 12 June 2014, the Swedish Data Inspection Board (the Swedish data protection authority) published the results of how four Swedish payment institutes handle personal data, namely SEQR, WyWallet, Trustly and Klarna. The Data Inspection Board examined what personal data that is collected by these companies and how they process the data. SEQR this was the only payment solution which was immediately, without comment, approved.

Security and integrity form the basis of our technology. SEQR never disclose sensitive information, unlike card payments, from which personal data are transferred from the magnetic strip or chip to the POS system during the payment. With SEQR there is no exchange of data between the mobile phone and the cash register of the store and everything is done in a secure environment. Your personal details are safe with SEQR.

Why do SEQR need access to my the camera in my phone?

This is necessary to scan the QR code with a payment. During the registration process, the SEQR app needs access to your camera to take a picture of the front and back of your identity card or passport.

Why do SEQR need access to my contacts?

The SEQR app includes functionality to send money to friends. This can simply be on the basis of his / her telephone number. For this SEQR seek approval for you to access your contacts

5. SEQR offers and cashback program

What is SEQR Cashback?

It’s simple. When you make purchases you earn cash back! Your cashback depends on how often you use SEQR. If you make 1-11 transactions you will receive 1% of the total of those transactions 12-19 transactions gives 2% back and 20 transactions and more will give 3% cashback. The transactions are calculated on a monthly basis and refunded quarterly. The minimum cashback amount is $1.

Where will I receive my cashback?

Payments are made to the account that you have specified as your receiving account. Cashback amounts will only be paid if at the time of payment you registered a SEQR ACH Direct Debit account (Receiving account). If a valid registration does not exist at the time of the payment, the SEQR user is deemed to have forfeited his/her right to cashback payments.

Which transactions are counted for a cashback?

All purchases are recorded, for example when you pay in:

  • In store
  • Online
  • SEQR Shop on the spot

Cashback will not be offered for Person-2-Person transaction; when SEQR user’s transfer money to another SEQR account.

When will I receive my cashback?

Cashback payments will be made quarterly in arrears.

Is there a minimum limit for me to get my cashback?

Yes, if the refund is below $1 it will not be paid.

How does SEQR offers work?

In short every purchase earns you cashback. New offers are regularly published in SEQR. When you see an offer you wish to accept, you go to the store and bring the item to the cash register. You pay for your purchase, just as usual when you pay with SEQR, and you will thereafter receive a SMS with confirmation on the cashback.

How do you pick the offered items?

We have several partners we work with in order to provide attractive offers, and we always listen to requests from SEQR users.

I’m having problem finding an offered item in my store?

Local variations may occur. We do our best to ensure that the products are available in store, but is up to each shop to follow up the inventory of the items.

Do I have to buy the specific item shown in the SEQR app?

Our offers are a co-operation with our partners, and the campaign items are strictly limited to the specific item presented in the app. Therefore it is very important that you buy the correct item that is presented in the ad.

I bought a campaign item but didn’t get any confirmation SMS?

If you bought the correct item but did not received the promoted cashback or confirmation SMS we ask that you contact Customer Service.

6. SEQR Shop on the Spot

What’s SEQR Shop on the Spot?

Shop on the Spot is a platform where SEQR exclusive offers temporary offers from traders to consumers.

How does it work?

There are three ways to purchase a product through the shop on the Spot;

  1. Through the SEQR app within ‘promotions’: Here is an overview of all offers, including the shop on the Spot offers. If you want to buy a product, press ‘Order’. Then enter your shipping information in the app, then press to buy and confirm your purchase with your personal PIN code. You will then receive an order confirmation via email.
  2. On the SEQR website: Scan the QR code next to the desired product with the SEQR app. Then enter your shipping information in the app, then press to buy and confirm your purchase with your personal PIN code. You will then receive an order confirmation via email.
  3. Through advertisements (online / offline), billboards, flyers, mailers, etc: Scan the QR code of the desired product with the SEQR app. Then enter your shipping information in the app, then press to buy and confirm your purchase with your personal PIN code. You will then receive an order confirmation via email.
When will I receive my confirmation?

Once you have placed your order you will receive an order confirmation. When you place the order over the weekend, you will receive the order confirmation on the next business day.

What’s the delivery time?

To know the exact delivery time of your product, you should take a look at the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can be found in the product in the SEQR app in promotions at the shop on the Spot website or if you have scanned an advertised product via a QR code.

Do the prices include tax and shipping costs?

When you buy a product from  Shop on the Spot prices quoted are inclusive of tax and shipping costs.

7. Technical questions

Is SEQR available for Blackberry devices?

Unfortunately, no

iOS – My camera won’t open?

In this case, you must access the settings of your smartphone. Then go to ‘SEQR’. Make sure your smartphone has access to your camera. If not, turn the switch on.

I get an error message stating that my device is not compatible with the SEQR app?

1. To download SEQR, your device must meet certain features, make sure you have these:

  • Autofocus camera
  • Touch screen
  • An Internet connection via WiFi, 3G or 4G
  • Android or iOS operating system

2. Also you should check whether your region set on your smartphone is in US This can be retrieved in “Settings – Regions.

Contact Customer Service if the problem is not solved.

Does my phone support NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a non-contact method to make a payment with SEQR. Here you should hold the smartphone against a SEQR QR code in the store. The SEQR app opens and you can confirm the payment with your PIN.

Most new smartphones today have NFC compability. Follow the instructions below to enable NFC (If you can not find it in this way, take a look in your phone manual)

Android Home Screen> Settings> NFC> Activate tab> Android Beam switch

Apple / iOS *: only the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have NFC. This is so far only available for Apple Pay.

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