With the SEQR mobile app, you can pay in-store, in-app, and online as well as redeem great offers - everything through one free app.


Fast, simple and secure payments

Pay in-store, in-app, or online!  Just Scan the QR code and confirm payment with your personal PIN code.  All your transaction receipts are saved in the app.  Feel confident with your transactions – SEQR payments are more secure than traditional payment methods.

Send money

Send money to family, friends and colleagues

Forget about complicated account numbers. Choose a friend from your contact list or add a phone number. The recipient gets a confirmation right away. If your friend has yet to discover SEQR, a text message will be sent with information about how to get started.


Get control of your purchases

Keep track of your purchases. All the receipts in one place.


Redeem great offers

We continously update SEQR with new offers that you can redeem from participating stores. Just pay with SEQR and you will automatically redeem the offer.


Forget about coins, parking tickets and extre fees

You have the ability to pay and extend your parking directly in SEQR at selected parking lots. You choose how long you want to park your vehicle. Then you get a text message as a reminder when it’s fifteen minutes left of your time with the possibility to extend the parking time without having to go back to the parking lot. The price for the parking is the same, only more convenient.

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