A new Seqr experience

New home screen and visual improvements

We are proud to announce that we have updated the SEQR app. We are constantly working to make your everyday life with better with SEQR. Today we present a more attractive home screen with instant access to Shop on the Spot (not available in the USA at the moment), a more convenient scan & pay button and some great visual improvements.

New home screen

When you start the app for the first time you will notice a brand new home screen with instant access to exclusive deals. You can browse through our products with ease thanks to our new and improved categories menu. When you find something you like, simply tap Buy and confirm with your PIN code and the product will be sent to your home.

Home screen

New and improved scan and pay button

The scan and pay button is an essential function in SEQR, it’s where you scan QR codes for your every day shopping at your local grocery store or pay for your parking. You’ll get instant access to the camera when you tap the button and it’s available not only on the home screen but on all screens for fast and easy access.

Scan and buy button

Be sure to update the app to take part of the new and improved SEQR experience.

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