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Our unique transaction switch removes all the intermediaries, reducing payment costs, and ensures no personal information leaves the phone improving security

  • Reduced transaction costs
  • No start fee or monthly costs
  • Easy to get started
  • Safer than card payments

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How SEQR works in your environment

SEQR is currently integrated in most large point of sale systems on the market and new integrations are completed every week. We are already integrated with many major systems like LS Retail, Extenda, Micros, LG Retail, Visma and Payzone payment terminals.

The staff simply selects SEQR as a means of payment in the point of sale system and the customer scans the QR code available at the counter, conveniently and easily.

SEQR is easy to get started with. It's quick and easy for customers to use and you can save up to half the cost per transaction for the stores, compared with a traditional card payment.
Kajsa Dahlberg

Kajsa Dahlberg
Head of Media & Digital, McDonald's Sweden

With the framework agreement we signed with Seamless our members get a good price on the transactions through SEQR which is considerably much cheaper than the cost of both cards and cash.
Clemens Wantschura

Clemens Wantschura
Head of Trade Development, Visita - Swedish Hospitality

Instant Checkout

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Let your customers pay with Instant Checkout. The delivery address is already in our system and payment is completed in the app – minimal steps for the customer.
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The Seamless API provides the possibility for merchants to integrate their payment system with SEQR, enabling their customers to be able to pay using the SEQR app in an easy, fast and secure way. Any type of shop can integrate with SEQR, it may be a POS, a webshop, a service, an app, etc. Developers – have a look at

What is the benefit for a merchant to use the SEQR solution?

SEQR offers the merchant a new marketing channel, a new way to create a dialogue with customers in order to build loyalty. SEQR makes it easier, faster and safer for consumers to shop. In the EU, 10 billion Euros is paid in card fees every year. With SEQR, the transaction costs of merchants are reduced significantly.

How much does it cost to accept a SEQR payment?

There are no start-up costs, service fees and monthly fees. Combining this with the lowest cost per transaction in the market, making it possible to offer SEQR at an overall cost lower than other products in the market.

How safe is it to accept SEQR payments?

The SEQR solution never transfers any sensitive information such as account numbers or personal numbers between the consumer’s mobile phone and the retail Point of Sale. A digital key is used to verify all purchases and the consumer approves all transactions with a personal PIN code. Compared to traditional payments with credit cards our mobile payment solution is much safer.

Framework Agreement

We cooperate with many professional organizations and have several framework agreements set up, which makes it easier and faster to get started.

When is the customer’s payment deposited in my account?

The payment from a transaction is available on the company’s account the next coming bank day after the transaction is made.

How is SEQR integrated in my Point of Sale system?

SEQR is already integrated in many leading point of sale systems. If there isn’t a finished integration with the system you use, our digital point of sale SEQR Tab can be used. We also offer an API that you can use when developing an integration on your side.

What does the consumer need to make a purchase?

To get started the consumer needs to download the SEQR app and connect to a payment account in the app.

How do I get started accepting SEQR payments?

If you are interested in using SEQR, please send an email to the following address

Can everyone accept SEQR payments?

Yes, everyone who accepts payments from consumers. We are a payment alternative in stores, in mobile applications, in vending machines and online. Additionally, SEQR can also be used to pay invoices and even services on billboards.

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